Awards of International Benevolent Research Foundation (IBRF)

International Benevolent Research Foundation (IBRF) recognizes the contribution of scientists, academicians, researchers in the different field of education. The Institute has instituted several awards to motivate and further the spirit of the talented ones in the field of education. The selection of the awards is considered mainly on the basis of the merit.

Award For Colleges/ School/ Institute Category:
(i) World Education Excellence and Development (WEED) Award
(ii) National Clean Environment and Education Excellence Award

Award For Individual Category:
(i) National Teaching Excellence Award
(ii) Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan Education Excellence Awrad
(iii) Bharat Siksha Ratan Award
(iv) National Educational Planning Administration Award
(v) World Social Work Excellence Award
(vi) Scientist of the Year Award (Above 45 Years of age)
(vii) Young Scientist of the Year award (32-45 years of age)
(viii) Junior Scientist of the Year Award (Below 32 years of age)
(ix) World Award for Research and Development
(x) Management Excellence Award
(xi) Social Science Excellence Award
(xii) Lifetime Achievement Award for Research/ Teaching (above 60 years of age)

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